Opening Book: Come Out! Page 41-42

  • I changed a line in this poem:

From: From off the floor where still its veins had bled.
To: Off the floor where still its veins bled through.

  • I think this was my twentieth try at reading this. What I would really love is for an actress or another reader, a woman preferably, to give it a try. If there are any takers, and if you like the poem enough, let me know.

Page 41 Come Out!

Page 42 Come Out!

7 responses

  1. This one’s starting to grow on me a bit. So Frost-like (to me, anyway.)

    I just discovered this page yesterday; it’s like finding a hundred dollar bill under the couch cushion. There’s so much here to help me with my own writing. I’ll be reading this web page for a while – that’s for sure – it’s just such a nice place.

    I wish your stuff was in epub format so I could read it on my Nook. Maybe it is and I just missed it. There’s just so much here. You’ve done a great service to all the poets out there with this web page though, and you clearly know your stuff. I’ve been writing poems for what seems like forever now, but I’ve never done much on the criticism side of things. It’s fascinates me to see poets geeking so hard on the metrical stuff. I feel like I’m getting a real education here.



    • Hey Jon-Paul, thanks so much for the comment. I don’t get much on my poetry, so it’s doubly appreciated.

      As to epub format – My ambition is to offer my poems in E-Book format, some time this year; collecting my posts might also be a possibility. And as for “geeking” on metrical stuff… [smile]… you know… I’m the only one on the entire planet (Earth) who is writing about metrical poetry in this format and to this depth (to my knowledge) so I get a little heady. I feel like I’m in the lost city of the Incas, just me, myself and I, and there’s gold… everywhere.


  2. Just stumbled upon this, right before I leave this classroom I’m in. I enjoyed this poem very much, and I’d like to say thank you for everything you’ve written on here, as I’ve perused it for the last hour. I’m a (self-claimed) poet, and I know how every comment helps, as I think I’ve had maybe one on my blog . xD So thank you, and keep up the great work!


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