The Best of Poetry: Internet 2010 – A Call for Submissions

After my last post, I imagined creating an anthology called Way Better than the Best American Poetry: 2010.Then I had a better idea.I’d like to take submissions from all you who blog on the Internet. I’d like to create an E-Book out of our best and most popular posts. The posts can be essays and a poem, but not a poem without “a post” and not more than one. In an ideal world, I would pay each of you for your submission. What I’m willing to do is to create an E-Book out of our posts that we can each sell on our blogs (among other places). We would sell the E-Book for the same price – maybe a dollar. I would like to produce something by the end of June.

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This is a new era. This is for those of us who publish on the web rather than in print media. We all have readers who enjoy what we write. Let’s look after each other and celebrate what we do.

The entry requirements are as follows:

  1. The subject is poetry.
  2. Keep it to the English language.
  3. The rights to your post or poem needs to be yours.
  4. It can’t have been published in any print format.
  5. The post or poem has to have been posted in 2010.
  6. The focus is on articles and/or editorials. However, if you don’t post articles or editorials, I’ll consider a poem from 2010 if something new is written to accompany it.
  7. Please include  the number of hits your post or poem has received since publishing it.
  8. Please include a link, your name, the name of the blog, and how many hits your overall blog has received.

Deadline: May 31, 2011 (Or at least let’s try that.)

Will everything be accepted? No. I’m going to be judicious. I want to put something together we can be proud of. The length will depend on the interest. My feeling is that the E-Book should max out at 35 entries but, again, this depends on interest.

Please include, with your post, a suggested category. This will help me decide how to organize the E-Book: Poetry, Personal, Essay, Confession, Rant, etc… Make up your own if you like.

Lastly, this is a new idea. Dates and goals might change. All of you can help shape it. I can’t make it happen without you.

If any of you would be willing to help (to be an editor or proofreader or a second opinion with a better idea) I’m glad to accept.

You can find my contact information here.

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