Requesting Reviews

I will consider reviewing a book of poetry only if the majority of poems possess either rhyme, meter or both. At minimum, there should be a preponderance of both those elements. Poetry that is “rhythmic” does not count as me tter and poetry that is “musical” or has internal rhyme is not the same as a poetic form defined by its end rhymes. These are the elements of poetic craft that I value, enjoy and look forward to reading. And read some of my recent reviews.

I will also consider erotic poetry, either free verse or traditional, mainly because I hold that there’s a place in the world for good erotic literature and there are too few professional poets and/or reviewers willing to treat it seriously. I will.

If you want me to review your work, I’ll need a PDF at minimum, an e-book is better and an actual book is ideal. Lastly, the last thing I want to do is to crush the aspirations of a beginning poet. I take the craft of poetry seriously, and will be honest, but I’ve also been a beginner and I’ve also written some awful stuff (some probably think I still do). If I think a review won’t do you any favors, I’ll tell you and give you the reasons. That said, you can still ask me to post the review.