Will you read my poem?

When I was starting out, and thirsting for recognition, I wanted to send my poems to published poets in the hopes that they would recognize the value of my poetry and, in some way, champion my efforts. I wasn’t sure how that would happen. Back in the late 90’s, a slew of “formalist” poets published a book called “Rebel Angels“. I contacted several of the poets, including Timothy Steele, and none of them gave me the time of day. Steele sent me a clipped note informing me that his schedule was too busy and have a nice day (and this after publishing a book claiming to champion poets like myself). Turns out that’s not really what he meant. I was naïve. The book was really about a small circle of poets trying to further their careers—that, apparently, and not much else. Fair enough.

I vowed not to behave that way if I were ever in their position.

You are welcome to send me your poetry, but because there are thousands of aspiring poets and only one me, I limit myself to poets who aspire to write poetry that exploits meter and rhyme (or to readers who are regular visitors and contributors). Also, be patient. I’m a builder, writer, parent and blogger. It takes time and effort to give you a fair and considerate reading. Beyond that, don’t expect much from me. I’m not buddies with other writers, agents or publishers. I’m not a member of poetry’s inner circle. I live in the middle of Vermont. The best that I can do is to encourage you or invite you over.