Short Stories

This page is an experiment. As I write short stories, I’ll add them child-pages to this page and if enough readers are interested, I’ll continue publishing them here. Publishers pay by the page, anywhere between 5 to 20 dollars a page, and that’s okay, but I’d to make a go of it at my own blog. If you think the stories are worth a little payment and there’s enough interest, I might consider making it a subscription service. In short, if I can earn here what I might otherwise earn with a magazine, then I’ll continue publishing them here. If not, then I’ll submit them to magazines.

The minimum payment WordPress accepts is 50 cents. I thought I’d price the stories according to their word count. So:

  • 1000-5000 ~ 50 cents,
  • 5001-7500 ~ 75 cents
  • 7501-17500 ~ 1 Dollar
  • 17501-40000 ~ 2 Dollars

Much to my surprise, my first short story posted on Poemshape, Montana, would actually be considered a Novelette!

And that’s that.

Available stories:

upinVermont | June 16th 2021