December 26th 2019

    through the net of trees—a winter's

      Owl Print-by Tracy Gillespie

360: December 26th 2019 | bottlecap


Only five more days before my last year of daily haiku. Unfathomable to me. Seems like January 1rst was just yesterday. I’ll keep writing haiku this coming year, but not everyday.

Some views from Vermont on Christmas day. The sunset is the view to the West and the Green Mountains. If you click on the photo you can see Pico and Killington. The other view is to the East and the White Mountains where, toward the left and on the horizon, you can see Mount Washington, Moosilauke, and Mount Cube. Our house is down in valley, just a twenty minute walk downhill.

Mount Washington is in the clouds and over 6000 feet. That doesn’t sound very high, but its location under the jet stream makes it one of the most dangerous peaks in the world. Temperatures there can plummet a hundred degrees in a day and the highest wind speeds in the world have been recorded there. The other pics are of an old Plymouth. I think I’ve put it in one or two of my haiku. Hard to read, but the mileage gauge is on the right as though it were ready to tick more mileage.