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  1. The Snow Perp

    I stop
    She frisks
    For ice
    In me
    She cuffs
    My hands
    To the backseat
    The car is hot
    And so is she–
    Would she melt
    The evidence

    • One of your very best: tongue-in-cheek, erotic, not too little or too much. There are some publishers of erotic poetry you should send this to.

    • Thanks. If you email a couple I will look into it.

      Your website can have that effect on me sometimes.

      In fact, it may be I channeled it through your brain.

    • Hey Cliff, sorry this look so long:

      POET’S Market 2017 lists the following as being friendly to erotic poetry:

      Drunken Boat
      Haight Ashbury Literary Journal
      MIP Company
      Peace & Freedom
      Struggle: A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Literature

      If you submit to the last on the list, just be aware that the NSA and/or FBI will screen it first.

      I also picked up a “Directory of Poetry Publishers 24th Edition 2008-2009” Got it free. So, might be slightly out of date, but here’s their list:

      A & U America’s Aids Magazine
      AXE Factory Review
      Back House Books
      Bad Noise Productions
      The Carolina Quarterly
      Duende Press
      5 AM
      Fluent Ascension
      Genie: Poems: Jokes: Art
      GLB Publishers
      Jack Mackerel Magazine
      Lunar Offensive Publications
      Lycanthrope Press
      MIP Company
      Moving Parts Press
      Muse World Media Group
      Passaic Review (Millenial Editions)
      Peripheral Vision
      Plain Brown Wrapper (PBW)
      Printer Matter Press (Tokyo)
      Rowhouse Press
      Spinnings…Intense Tales of Life Magazine
      The Teitan Press, Inc
      This is Important
      Titan Press
      True Poet Magazine
      24th Street Irregular Press
      Zirlinson Publishing

      You’ll have to Google those of you’re curious, obviously; but let me know if you try one and how it goes. :)

    • Thank you. I’m a bit of a broken clock when it comes to haiku — getting it mostly right at least once a day, month or year (as the case may be).

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