March 7th 2017

····lonely as the other—the streetlight and
66 March 7th 2017 | bottlecap

5 responses

  1. The Snow Perp

    I stop
    She frisks
    For ice
    In me
    She cuffs
    My hands
    To the backseat
    The car is hot
    And so is she–
    Would she melt
    The evidence

    • One of your very best: tongue-in-cheek, erotic, not too little or too much. There are some publishers of erotic poetry you should send this to.

    • Thanks. If you email a couple I will look into it.

      Your website can have that effect on me sometimes.

      In fact, it may be I channeled it through your brain.

    • Thank you. I’m a bit of a broken clock when it comes to haiku — getting it mostly right at least once a day, month or year (as the case may be).

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