Opening Book: Page 23 Something Within

Page 23 Something Within


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  1. What a beautiful poem!
    I love the contrast you have drawn between the openness of the book, and the “closedness” of the egg. I think this always the way with finding beauty in people. One can never know the content of another’s mind, and so instead we hold them up before the candle and try to puzzle it out for ourselves. (Or we hold their toes to the fire and demand to know!) Of course, the egg suggests transformation, and the potential for growth. At the same time, however, in this egg the looker is not just searching for beauty, but also for faults!
    Overall I read this as a lovely metaphor for falling in love. It speaks to me of recognizing beauty in another, trying to figure out the “nature of their design,” and ultimately discovering faults which do not in the end detract from the beauty.

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