The Animal Tales! • The Second of Several Fables


2. Where Luck Goes

A fable that follows
: More to Birds!

fox-gets-the-goose2The wolf wanted chicken too and so that very next night the farmer and his wife heard another “Squak!” from the chicken coop. “Shall I go out, wife?” asked the farmer. “No,” she answered, “it’s that fox again. I’ll not be fooled twice.” When the wolf heard the wife, he quickly dressed himself in feathers to roost with the chickens.

The wife saw twelve chickens and one with a very long snout. “Well, well, well,” she said, “you all look like chickens but I see that one is a little grey. Are you ill?” The wife took the wolf by its snout. “I have just the thing for that,” she said and sprinkled a handful of pepper onto the wolf’s black nose. When she left the wolf let out a horrible sneeze. Out came the chicken! He flew into a rage, gulping down six more. “Squak!”  The wife hurried back.

“Bak!” said the wolf. “Still grey?” asked the wife. “Something you’ve eaten?” She took the wolf by its snout again and poured castor oil down its throat. “That will help!” she said. Once she left, up came the chickens! The wolf was not feeling so well, but enraged, he swallowed all twelve chickens in one great gulp! The wife returned (this time with an axe). “Burp,” said the wolf. “Better?” asked the wife. “And very plump! I think I shall have you for dinner!” She raised the axe and the wolf ran quick to the door but couldn’t fit! Round and round they went and the Wolf gasped and choked until one after the other he coughed the chickens up! At last he fit through the door. The fox, on hearing the story, said,

“Where luck goes, fools will follow!”

Be it known that this fable is  followed by: One Bad Apple: The Third of Several Fables!

The Animal Tales! • Or the Fox & the Farmer’s Wife

These tales are based on Aesop’s Fables. They are a series which, when read together, loosely tell a larger tale. Enjoy!

More to Birds

woodcut-fox-chickens-wandOne day the fox decided to have chicken for dinner. He snuck into the chicken coop of the farmer and his wife.  They soon they heard a ‘Squak!’ come from the chicken coop. The farmer said to his wife, “Go out and see if that fox is in the coop.” “If he is,” she said, “I’ll give him a poke he won’t forget.” With that, she took a three pronged fork and was out the door.

The fox had already eaten one chicken. When he heard the farmer’s wife coming, he quickly clothed himself in the chicken’s feathers and sat in its nest. When the wife opened the door, she saw twelve chickens. One had an unusually long snout, but it had feathers. “Well,” she said, “you all look like chickens.” She shrugged and closed the door. No sooner was she walked half way back to her house than she heard two squaks! “Squak! Squak!” She hurried back to the chicken coop. This time there were only ten chickens, and one with a very long snout.

She poked each one and when she came to the fox, the fox said “Bak!” “Well,” she said, “you all sound like chickens!” She left and again she heard three more squaks! “Squak! Squak! Squak!” She rushed back and there were only six chickens but the long-snouted chicken looked plump and plumper. “Well, ” said the farmer’s wife, “we’ll see which one of you flies!” She took her three pronged fork and poked each chicken. Up they flew into the rafters! When she came to the fox and poked, up he jumped and down he fell. “Yowl!” he cried. He bit her on her bottom and ran away! “Ouch!” she howled. “I never! Well,

“There’s more to a bird than feathers!”

Be it known that this fable is  followed by: Where Luck Goes: The second of Several Fables!