The Poet’s Almanac ❧ The Daily Calendar

This is probably the least interesting post ever; but I just wanted to put in print how I’ll be divvying up the week. Read if you’re curious.

Day One: Artful Language
Day Two: Poetry’s Artful Shape
Day Three: Earth
Day Four: Air
Day Five: Fire
Day Six: Water
Day Seven: Poetry’s Storytellers

Artful Language: ···········The artistry of poetry’s language: rhetoric, imagery, metaphor.
Poetry’s Artful Shape: ··The different forms and traditions in which poetry has been written.
Earth: ·······························Poetry of the earth: it’s seasons, nature and it’s beauty.
Air: ····································Poetry of the soul, spirit and spirituality.
Fire: ··································Poetry of desire, lust & Love
Water: ······························Poetry as Essay: Politics, War, Debate & Persuasion
Poetry’s Storytellers: ····Narrative Poetry: From the Fable to the Epic

I’ve recategorized (and renamed) the first three posts. The post Rhyme, Women & Song has been renamed The Artful Language and will now stand as the first post of the series. The post Poetry’s Lumberyard has been recategorized under Artful Language and will represent the first post of Week Two. The Post Gilgamesh has been renamed The Storytellers and will represent Day Seven of Week One. Confused yet? None of it really matters. I’m off and running. Wish me discipline.