Requests, Tutoring, Commissions & Advice

My income has grown very thin and this is my own fault.

I love writing, whether it’s poetry, short stories, novels yet to finish, or contributing to this blog. I receive many requests for information on particular poems and for (in effect) tutoring. Many poets have asked if they can send me their poetry for advice. I don’t regret the time I’ve already given. Part of our reason for being in this world is to generously give to others.

Possibly by the end of the year this blog will have received a million visits or more. If even half of those visits are mistakes, which is likely, that’s still half a million students, poets, and readers of poetry. If just half those visitors donated just one dollar, I could support myself, my family and devote myself to offering students and readers more of the information they have already enjoyed. If you feel you have benefited from the articles in this blog, please consider donating.

Alternately, offering advice on poetry, responding to requests and tutoring, are services which I will offer in exchange for your donation. I’m glad to offer half-hour to hour long tutoring sessions, via chat, if you are a student with specific questions concerning a given poem or poetry in general. The price for these tutoring sessions will be fixed. If you would like me to analyze or discuss a given poem in a post, the commission will be based on the number of lines in the poem. If you would like my reaction to your poetry, I ask you to decide for yourself what you’re willing to donate.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and read some poetry.