California Plates

I’ve recently made contact with a poet in California and also a blogger. And guess what!


The Poet’s name is Neal Whitman and he contributes to a fine blog called Getting Something Read: Short Works for the Peripatetic Web Surfer, with some of the best online poetry I have read. (Click on the plates to visit.) The latest is by Kristina Baer, Only Water, and a beautiful read. The PG stands for Pacific Grove, California. Pacific Grove, all by itself, probably has more people in it than all of Vermont. I am chastened.

Anyway, I herewith start my Poet license plate collection. Any and all poets with the unmitigated arrogance and hubris to declare themselves a poet to God and state trooper is invited to send me their license plate. I will add it to my widgets as a link!

Vermont Plates

These are my real plates – current and on my car. The first thing I did when I moved back to Vermont was to get these – about 8 years ago. I was convinced the  plates wouldn’t be available. But I suppose I was the only one in the entire state with enough hubris to order vanity plates with POET on them.

Vermont Plate

If you happen to be in Vermont and happen to see these plates. It’s me. I saw another set of Vermont plates, across the river, with WRITER on them. I was jealous! I should have gotten those too! – I said to myself. Good grief.

If you have literary vanity plates, send me a picture of them and I’ll put them on my blog with a link.