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Since Anis Shivani’s list of 15 overrated poets and authors, many have responded with writers who they believe to be underrated.

I have a fellow blogger in mind. Her name is Alegria Imperial and she writes some of the loveliest haiku on the web. Her blog is called jornals. She deserves more readers. If you like haiku, please visit her site and add yourself as an E-Mail subscriber. You will find the option at the lower right.

Don’t look for glitz, polish or graphic design.

Alegria pours her heart into her haiku. Subscribe and every so often a momentary breath, a world in three lines of poetry, will color your day.

And if you enjoy her haiku, let her know.

Solstice Haiku

  • Just a couple days ago, I sent out a query to all the haiku bloggers on my blogroll, and any others who might be interested, asking if they wanted to put together some solstice haiku.

Here are four haiku from William Sorlien:

shortest day
or the longest night
life is choices


the longest night
studying old photos
of winters past


winter solstice
with it a reckoning
in falling snow


solstice night
ice fishing alone
over deep water

And here is a haiku by Jeffrey Winke author of, among other books,  Meow Poetry: Fun, fabulous, feline verse:


And here are two Haiku by Jim Long, author of Between Wings:


My own tradition is to write an Erotic Haiku at every solstice and equinox (though I hardly need a rationale). It’s just an enjoyable tradition. So, here is Patrick Gillespie’s erotic Winter Solstice Haiku:

  • Dec 22 ❧ Just received two more Haiku.

Here’s a Haiku from Bill at Haiku-USA:

in an old yearbook
that girl I never kissed–
winter solstice


And one more from one of my favorite bloggers, Emma Dalloway, at Australian Haiku: