December 16th 2019

  • For those who also write haiku: Yesterday’s haiku bothered me all day. The idea behind the imagery was that of the bluejay’s reflection—in the flooded waters—lightly shaking off the winter’s rain; but the necessary brevity of the haiku made the complexity of the imagery feel too clever by half. I finally settled on a simpler and more concrete imagery—the colder weather coinciding with the bluejay shaking off the winter’s rain. My own preference is to side with brevity and simplicity, if profundity is the goal, rather than abstraction and complexity—at least in Haiku. ¶ This afternoon, I went to Montpelier, Vermont—the state’s Capital. While my family pursued their own projects, I decided to go to the Vermont Welcome Center where I worked on my writing. Shortly before closing time, and being the sole visitor for the entirety of the afternoon, I was told by the older woman stewarding the Welcome Center that I was loitering. I guess, being a poet, that sort of crime is inevitable.

    rain—still just a little snow under the snow-

        Vermont Poet (Block Print)

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