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    • I’ve been in and out of the hospital these last two weeks for a minor annoyance—and will be for the next couple. It’s why my schedule has been all out of sorts. Pity the poor moth.


  1. Things will get better, but don’t rush it. I remember in 2017 having all the classic symptoms of melanoma, prostate cancer and colon cancer at once. I gradually worked through them on a “self pay” basis until their miraculous dissipation in September. Strangely, the main psychic impress of this ordeal—of being a walking dead man for five months–was less about the people than how the bricks were laid and the grass was cut at the various clinics, and my communion with the cinder blocks. But then Yeats’ had his “hammered gold and gold enameling” and you have your dead moth.


  2. Trivia I think fits the second haiku:
    The word moth itself sounds almost the same as the Hindi word “maut” which means demise.


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