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  1. I noticed you site odometer for first time this week, jotted down your total hits, and the next day they had increased by several hundred. By my reckoning PoemShape gets more hits in an hour than my site of a 100+ poems has garnered in 3 years, despite my oeuvre including a handful of the most perfect poems in the English language. Is it mainly your analyses that drive this traffic?


    • Mainly my analyses. The analyses, in turn, make readers curious to read my poetry; I should do the math but I’d estimate that, at best, 3% of my total hit count is people reading my poetry which, truth to be told, isn’t bad considering what I write. That said, I’m surprised by how many visitors download my readings of my own poetry. I should consider doing more of that. The most successful poetry blogs are uniformly those blogs that offer, for lack of a better term, greeting card verse: schmaltzy, sentimental, cloying, cliché-ridden poetry that’s an instant sugar-high to readers looking for straight-forward messaging rather than artifice. And frankly I can’t blame readers. The artifice of so much contemporary poetry is no better. My own poetry, I don’t think, stands a chance against the flood of more easily accessible poetry (let alone insta-poets). I’m like a farm stand surrounded by fast food joints, 7-11s and ice cream parlors. Maybe once or twice a week somebody takes an interest in a radish.


  2. I might should add an occasional insta-poem. Something like..

    Patrick I never see
    But hear and that’s enough for me
    He writes of beauty splendidly
    I fear he looks like Lee Van Cleef.


  3. Another “insta-poem.” Actually written with your name originally, but then I settled on Goethe’s Werther (prounouced verta) as a better sonic and literary fit, you probably being a brown-eyed celt.

    The Sorrows of Werther

    Werther’s eyes are blue and deep
    My poems to him can make them roll
    And sometimes leave the universe
    But he’s only closer to my home
    Celestial as opposed to soil, someone
    Here could use a Reich.


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