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  1. Dear PoemShape,
    Your evaluation of Mr. Logan’s poems was sweet medicine on our collective sick bed. You allowed me to observe the contrast between an amused acknowledgement, as in a line performed in a movie script, and the repetitive, near convulsive and visceral reaction to your humour- a humour by the way that plays the opposite role as Mr. Logan’s meandering metaphors. Your brief comedic diversions enhance your insightful interpretation and punctuate it with a transcendental tap on the funny bone. I recover, and read on, hoping I am heading for more rare and surprising treasures.

    And you are kind. Endearing to your readers also, I am sure, is your fairness and objectivity noting your admiration of Me. Logan’s criticism skill.
    The only remaining delight might be to have others write in appreciation of your generous, inspiring and blissful contribution to our humanity. I will return to read more and also your poetry. Thank you sincerely.
    You inspire me to complete my poems and publish them. Reading your piece is a thrill almost equivalent as the charge of a good line flowing through during the creative process. Well done.
    Please continue.


    • That’s quite the comment. Thank you. :) I was just thinking, this past week, I should take a look at Logan’s latest book and write another review. Not to even the score, as it were, but because Logan is a serious poet and deserves to be reviewed. I’ve emailed him now and then and we are still on email terms.

      I do hope you write poetry and look forward to anything else you have to say.


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