Turning a New Leaf

Not since Barack Obama has the United States been represented by the will of the majority—and by that I mean the majority of voters. I’m happy to say that with the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the Government of the United States once again reflects the will of the people. I no longer need to write:

We in the United States, as in any other country, aren’t always represented by who governs us. So long as you afford to others the dignity and respect for life and liberty you would afford yourself, it doesn’t matter to me where you’re from, what language you speak or what truth you believe in. You’re welcome here.

I look forward to a government that no longer treats the dignities of fairness, tolerance and compassion as weaknesses, that no longer considers truth, reason and civility to be unnecessary inconveniences. I look forward to the United States once again rejoining the community of responsible nations. We have work to do as regards the climate; defending human rights; and serving as an aspirational example granting no legitimacy to corruption, tyranny or authoritarianism: the insistence that the rights and freedoms of the individual—freedom of thought, speech and association—are self-evident and paramount.

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