December 31st 2020

    as paper—the clouds at year's

    Blockprint Chair
• Nothing came to me last night, and I was 
tempted to date this as January 1st. I'm 
within a few paragraphs of finishing my novel, 
perhaps tomorrow or Sunday. Then we'll 
see what else I write this coming year. 
A happy New Year and best wishes for 2021.
103: December 31st 2020 | bottlecap

5 responses

  1. Heaveno, Patrick!

    Godspeed to all your pursuits in this new year. May artful thoughts and creativity reinforce themselves even strongly. This haiku, I find to be brilliant, and best wishes on nearing the completion of your novel.

    From a reader novum in 2020

    .˙ )


  2. Believe it or not your short response inspired me to write this in one sitting. Thanks!

    Poem by a Washed Out Astronaut in January

    This is the season
    Of maximum dynamic pressure
    Of short cold days
    And only light for funerals.
    “Throttle down,” says control.
    But hell I’m still a boy;
    It’s only disembodied Fate
    That cleared the pad at birth
    Or accelerates with height:
    “So you Roger this, Control!
    Not my choice, nor yours!”
    “And keep your hand away from that abort switch!”
    “Why…why…what’s with you
    Control? I was only dropping our swing
    Ladder down from old Fort Oak because…
    Because…it’s snowed
    To shake it off a bit
    Or would you rather slip
    And fall? I say, I say,
    I saved that broken arm!
    Or don’t you remember
    The name of our tree house?
    Or don’t you remember
    Us playing war?


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