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  1. Perhaps this sounds like something George Jones would have written after a bender but actually I’ve been listening to a lot of sprightly 60s pop music lately. I feel guilty about short poems like this not so much because of lost love as the short rush they give me of accomplishment when in fact I’m bearing down on a 100 poems without a single magnum opus—something where you hold a thought together for 3 pages or more—a “Sunday Morning” or “Lycidas,” say. Speaking of which, as magnum opuses go, what is your all-time favorite?

    Star Study

    The solitude of stars
    Is just their distance set
    But I’ve seen that distance
    In a face and felt it
    In my soul, a wonder
    Of the faraway beyond
    A voice or touch,
    In her eyes
    The light of love
    A trillion miles


  2. Thanks.

    “It doesn’t suffer from any tourette-like outburst or middle fingers…”

    On the other hand, Al Pacino did very well with that.


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