September 14th 2020

    the letter, she's followed by September's

Berry Bush (Block Print)

• There are certain species of English grammar,
in  the space of a haiku, that are difficult to 
reproduce in German (and vice-versa), so when I 
translated the original English version into 
German, I changed the haiku. Then I decided I 
liked the German haiku better and changed the
English version. I guess that makes this a translation 
of the German original. Also, there's a pun on the 
German Blätter which, as in English and leaves, can 
also be read as the pages of a book.  

73: September 14th 2020 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. Started his one yesterday and finished it today. Any impressions? Thanks.


    Sometimes it happens
    That way—my friends all
    Mad at me. They don’t
    Answer, or if they do
    It’s to bait some flaw
    Irrevocable I can’t help:
    Easily the country voice
    (“Forrest Gump? Or is this
    Karl Childers speaking.”)
    Or perhaps a mood
    That doesn’t quite match up
    To the free help they need
    Moving to a bigger house
    Or putting together a grill
    With a thousand bolts.
    Or it might be a milestone I
    Overlooked—a wedding party,
    A godson’s soccer game–
    Because I don’t like crowds
    And prefer each player
    A buddy of mine, that is,
    Prefer to hear them talk
    Or age for age commune
    By common myth, our
    Ancestors’ valor at Gettyburg,
    Say, or how globalism sucks.
    Yes, age for age, some ageless common bond!
    A Reich that really lasts a thousand years
    And doesn’t invade Russia
    Nor blames the Jews en masse
    For Jeffrey Epstein
    Would be nice.
    Or perhaps I should just
    Learn more about soccer…


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