24 September 2020

    hinter dem abgenutzten Mond—ein Coywolfs

• I'm not sure if there's a translation, yet, for
Coywolf in German, being that the word is a relatively
new English language neologism. Frequently, Germans 
just adopt the English word.

75: 24 September 2020 | bottlecap

September 14th 2020

    the letter, she's followed by September's

Berry Bush (Block Print)

• There are certain species of English grammar,
in  the space of a haiku, that are difficult to 
reproduce in German (and vice-versa), so when I 
translated the original English version into 
German, I changed the haiku. Then I decided I 
liked the German haiku better and changed the
English version. I guess that makes this a translation 
of the German original. Also, there's a pun on the 
German Blätter which, as in English and leaves, can 
also be read as the pages of a book.  

73: September 14th 2020 | bottlecap