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  1. Regret #1: I really regret my high school offered only French. Counting college I spent four years in compulsory French and remember nothing. But I think I would have really clicked with German. Regret #2: The summer is finally here, my favorite season, and I have yet to capture the consoling brookside manner of your best haiku. Here, for example, is today’s attempt:

    The sun
    The sun in me, winter shadows soul

    Mow that lawn! Scalp those weeds to grass


    • There’s a haiku by Basho, one he wrote for another poet who admired his poetry:

      Don’t write like me;
      It’s as boring as two halves
      Of a melon.

      Don’t know if that’s any consolation. To thine own self be true. Your patron Saint John Marston may not be a Marlowe, Jonson or Shakespeare, but lots of his plays survived and they’re still read to this day. :) The high school to which my daughters went didn’t teach German, only Spanish and French. Soon as she could, one of my twin girls went off the Germany (last year) and is still there. She can already speak better German than the French she studied for four years in high school. So there’s that. If you ever decide to pick up work in Deutschland, you can pick it up.


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