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  1. Obwohl ich riesige Angst vor Wespen habe, gefällt mir das Bild!

    Have you written longer poems in German? Did you like what you came up with?

    (Und welche deutschen Dichter liest du am allerliebsten? Meiner Ansicht nach kann niemand Goethe und Rilke das Wasser reichen.)


    • Wenn ich junger wäre, hatte ich echt Angst vor Wespen. Jetzt bin ich meistens vorsichtig. :)

      When I was in my teens, I tried writing longer poetry in German, but I lack the same feel for German (Sprachgefühl) that I have for English. That comes from having been taken from Germany when I was still young (though I often returned). I have German citizenship and hope to largely move back once my youngest graduates and the world settles down a bit. So, no, I didn’t like what I came up with in German. :/ That may change though. I’m feeling braver as concerns writing poetry in German.

      Goethe. Ich liebe Goethe. Hast du mein Gedicht “Erlkönigen” gelesen? Und Rilke…



    • “Erlkönigin” fand ich reizvoll—und am Ende erschütternd.

      I am glad to hear that you are daring to write in German more. It’s very much a second language for me, and though I find it thrilling to try to versify in it, I won’t ever have the effortless command needed to write anything good.

      Es freut mich, dass wir einer Meinung über Goethe und Rilke sind!


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