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  1. Nice contrast! The moon has been extraordinary over the past couple of days, hasn’t it? I’ve been a bit obsessed with moonwatching since I moved into this place with huge windows on two sides. So many moons: last night, orange full moon right from the horizon (a very narrow stretch of sky from here). Then, playing with the clouds, in and out, before disappearing behind them for the night. I love the interplay of moon and clouds, so many moods, dances. Some nights, just a tiny crescent is all that’s left or all that’s peeking out – I always think of the line in The Glass Menagerie about the silver slipper of a moon. Then there’s moonrise over the building next to me: starts as a glow if it’s a clear night and a fairly robust moon phase, then a speck, then it grows, sort of like something out of Flatland.

    Just mooning around.


    • I do love it when it has that yellowish tinge on the horizon and, as you say, before the moon rises. Some of the most startling images that stay with me are due to have misread prose and poetry. I once misread a haiku by Basho as describing the moon as being like the thin thread of an insects cry, the implication being the moon was the insects cry. The most beautiful haiku he ever wrote, and a complete misreading on my part. :)


    • I’ve actually done that. Once I realized I’d misread something, but had vastly improved the passage in the misreading, I’ve used the misreading in my own writing (without crediting the originally misread author of course).


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