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  1. I haven’t been able to comment because of my deal :c I hope this will suffice:

    a wooden chair
    on its side—
    the glue still has to dry

    I also wrote one in emulation/admiration for your last two— your transitionary haiku:

    the oak-bark guides
    the rainwater down

    The one with the woman combing snow out of her hair is beautiful :). I never thought of rain like that.


    • I like both your haiku. Thank you. You have a real gift for haiku in my estimate (for whatever that’s worth). You let the world speak for itself, which is something I don’t see enough of in other haiku. I would have been pleased to write either.


    • If I am any good, it’s only thanks to my teacher :P.
      But, honestly, this blog is the only stable point I can look to in the world of contemporary poetry. The rest is, if I am being charitable, unintelligible; I’ve looked everywhere for guideposts among the “leaders” of the general trend, but I’ve found nothing. This blog illuminated the rules of the game (or a game) so that I can play :P.


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