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    for a moment
                     a Fly!
             lost from sight

    How is everything going?
    I just wanted to mention that two things have stuck to my mind: the haiku about the “lightened streets” (which show a different perspective on snow :) [is that one of the most powerful things poetry and literature, in general, can do?]) and the ones focusing on human figures, which I found intriguing.
    I hope you never stop posting your writings on here. The other day I read your poem “Come Out!” and enjoyed it immensely.



    • Things are going well. Thank you. I’ve been flat out with carpentry since returning from Berlin and haven’t had the time to work on my novel. I’m not one of those writers who can write a novel on their lunch break. I need to build momentum. What I really need to do is to quit carpentry and devote myself full time to writing.

      Thanks for your comment on “Come Out!”. I think that may have been one of the first poems where everything came together—voice and meter. I’ll still write haiku after this year, but never one a day again. I was thinking two a week after this? That will give me time to writer other projects for the blog.


    • I’m very excited for your novel! Will this be your first work in prose?
      That’s great concerning the blog :). When change is needed, it seems wise to comply. I don’t know many things, but just from observation, it seems people are unhappy because they stick obstinately to what died long ago.


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