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  1. Pleasantly arresting. This one and your haiku of the 28th lit up really visually for me even though I’m no fan of crows or cold weather.


    • My last month of writing a haiku a day. Three year’s worth. I won’t be doing this again—not every day. I lately feel like I’ve nothing more to say, but then sometimes just finding a new way to see something very simple and common is enough.


  2. Miraculously, you’ve never written a clinker that I recall. And though you work by habit, they remain unstrained. But I get your point. Particularly if I was beginning to feel a tyranny of the quotidian, I would probably mix it up a bit. Twice a week, or least once a week to propitiate your followers, i.e., “Haiku of the Week.” I’m definitely more mood dependent than you are so even that would be a reach for me in December. Right now, for example, I feel about as poetic as a 2×4. And for someone who has written a handful of nearly perfect poems that’s a very humbling experience.


    • Yeah, that’s what I was planning for next year—twice a week, maybe Monday’s and Thursday’s? Writing haiku has almost become a kind of meditation. I did find that I very much missed it when I took a year off.


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