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  1. Interesting thread on post 11-14-19. I would say the independent object is the basis of the modern Western tradition (i.e., empiricism). Which can be cold—but also coldly empathetic with its life-saving medicines, technologies, etc. I note however an oriental propensity to invest the object with a certain aesthetic empathy which is perhaps why I find the ergonomics of my very used Camry more “one with me.” The same goes for Basho’s haiku. So maybe we are dealing with racial differences here.

    to come, stay tuned


  2. This is one minute’s work. Make any sense?

    Acclaim (alternate title: Stalinism)

    which is true
    the poem you see
    or the man who wrote it?
    if the verse is laying waste to man
    and he is loving while he writes it
    which needs the other worse?
    what is his obstacle
    to paradise? and is it
    yours as well?


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