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  1. My Susie, My Patrick

    Emily Dickinson before The Day
    Saw Susie Gilbert everywhere:
    “I have but one thought, Susie,
    This afternoon of June,
    And that is of you,
    One wish, only, dear Susie,
    And that is for you
    That you and I in hand
    As we e’en do in heart,
    Might ramble away as children
    Among the woods and fields
    And forget these many years
    These sorrowing cares
    And each become a boy again!”
    O Emily, love, my prophet
    Centuries on the march
    I’m thinking just the same myself
    Your Susie is my Patrick
    Twice blessed we are
    Despite ourselves
    Neither we weird out.

    Any impressions?

    Alternate title: “My Susie, My Trump”
    Alternate line 19: “Your Susie is my Trump.”


  2. Most of it is from one of her early letters. I think I’ll post it on my WP site with your name hyperlinked to Poemshape. If by some chance you’re overwhelmed by hundreds of inquiries as to whether I’m your secret gay lover, let me know and I’ll change it to Trump.


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