August 25th 2019

Good morning fellow travelers.  Once again I write to you late in the evening. Earlier in the day was busy with chores, as it were, but I was able to do a little exploring during the afternoon. I took some rough pictures.


As always, the thing that makes Berlin beautiful is the trees. Though there are exceptions, certainly the most beautiful streets in the Berlin make you feel as though Berlin is a city still in the forest.


But one difference this year are all the e-scooters. They’re also popular in California, or so I’ve read, but one finds them everywhere in Berlin. And the most striking thing about them is how happy their riders look. All you need to do is scan your credit card and point it in the direction you want to go. And while the older generation grouses about these new obstacles to automobiles to bicycles, I really do think they’re a wonderful thing.


And while exploring the neighborhoods I found Ludwigkirchplatz again, a spacious courtyard with the Ludwig Kirche in the center. I like the space less for the brick and mortar church than for all the children always playing around it.


There’s also the bookstore Shakespeare & Co. right around the corner. That sounded like a promising bookstore. I went in last year thinking they would actually have Shakespeare and thought I might pick up a good German translation because why not? The owner told me they carried no Shakespeare. Not enough room. If they actually carried Shakespeare, the store would be nothing but. I don”t see the problem with that, but travelers should know that the bookstore Shakespeare & Co. does not actually shelve any Shakespeare either in German or English. Just kitty-corner from the bookstore, is Hamlet.


And they do not sell texts of the play. And though I haven’t eaten there, I suspect their food is not Danish cuisine—nor is it rotten. Still, amateur Shakespearean that I am, I may have to eat there one of these days.

    at the train station—flutist, cellist,

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