August 20th 2019


DSC01610I took my daughter down to walk through the botanical garden founded, I think, in the late 19th century. The garden is both indoor and outdoor, the indoor portion being green houses. Outdoors the several acre garden is divided into the regions of the world, including Atlantic North American. Right away we recognized the wild flowers and plants native to Vermont, and that was before we knew we were in the right corner of the garden. It was a little like recognizing family members. Both of us let the stinging  nettle sting us—also good for making tea. The sting doesn’t last long,  but makes a good first impression, burning and itching. It was like shaking hands with a tetchy family member.  Rumor has it that the sting in the nettle is actually beneficial.


My favorite portion of the botanical gardens is the cactus garden both indoors and out. The beauty and strangeness of the plants appeals to me.


The cactus that looks like it’s covered in a soft down is called, loosely translating from the German, a night princess. But the cacti the impressed me the most were the outdoor cacti that don’t mind Berlin’s winter.


When I first saw it a couple years ago, I was inspired to start my own cactus garden in a dry spot in my back yard—a cactus garden in Vermont! I’ve already planted some cold hardy cacti and will take a picture when I get home.


In the meantime, Berlin remains as appealing as ever. I like the mix of old and new architecture and the variety of people.

    stars—but after nightfall a thousand

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