August 19th 2019

I’ve tried to stay awake since arriving this morning and have felt alert until these last hours of Berlin’s nightfall. I’ve been more or less awake for 32 hours, notwithstanding furtive moments of sleep on the plane. The temptation is to forget tonight’s haiku, but I suspect the temptation will remain tomorrow too.

The day is just as warm and humid as Vermont and as easily as it rains, it clears up. I can hear children in the street below speaking German with a sprinkling of other languages. There are no signs of autumn, no fields full of Queen Anne’s Lace, Ox-eye Daisy or Goldenrod. Some of the trees have taken on the white of too much sun.

    rain—the sun darkens on the clay


231: August 19th 2019 | bottlecap

5 responses

    • As I think of them, I’ll write them. First on the list, if you ask for a pepperoni pizza in Germany, you will get pepperoncini peppers instead of pepperoni. So beware….


    • No. 2. Cars always have the right of way. If you are hit by a car, you will be expected to apologize. And it’s considered very bad behavior to cross the street without a green walk sign. Germans frown on that, especially mothers with impressionable children; and so most Germans don’t do that.


  1. Shocking. I’ve always been taught that pedestrians have the right of way. I frankly want to throw a brick when a car rushes me while walking.

    Do the green walk signs light up?


    • Yes, the green Amplemann lights up. When he does, the pedestrian right of way is inviolable. I saw a German driver violate this yesterday and the reaction wasn’t pretty. But other than that, cars have the right of way.


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