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  1. Your many allusions to the moon lately got me thinking. Any impressions?

    Neil Armstrong, Poet

    “You’re go for landing, Eagle.”
    “Houston, roger that
    Imagination realized
    With German at my back
    The laws of physics working great
    A short 3 days from earth
    Oberth, Von Braun, Rilke
    Thank you very much.”
    “Repeat that, Eagle. ‘Ricky’?”
    “Houston, R-I-L-K-E.
    Or how I know
    I’ll live again
    In the multiverse.”
    “We read you loud and clear, Eagle, uh
    ’Rilke’ says to permutate
    One moon at a time.”


  2. Both seem good to me, but the second is more musical. Do you think I can add “Neil Armstrong, Poet” to my wp page without embarrassment? It provided me a private amusement, but maybe too private.


  3. As long as it doesn’t sound derogatory (I was always a big fan of the Apollo program). But, true, “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. it is not.


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