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  1. Both the poem and the woodcut are wonderful reflections upon this cosmic event. The sheer fact that we were even able to measure such a thing at all … just phenomenal. A ripple in space and time! How cool is that!?

    Old Basho’s frog comes to mind =)


    • Yeah, never had the drive to be a scientist, but love reading anything science related. Grew up watching Carl Sagan. The discovery of gravity waves is beyond cool—and the way they did it. :)


  2. I should clarify though, even if your poem was not written in celebration of that discovery per se, it fits the print like a glove!


    • Yes, and I love Tyson, but I didn’t enjoy his remake as much as the original. Sagan had a flare for communicating that Tyson doesn’t. Remember how Sagan said that if you wanted to bake a pie from scratch, you’d have to recreate the universe? Tyson never has lines like that.


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