April 16th 2019

    as floodwaters—birds in spring's leafless
Winter's Wind (Block Print) 
106: April 16th 2019 | bottlecap
  • Between a day near 70 degrees, a winter’s worth of snow still melting, and heavy rains during the night, much of Vermont saw flooding. Our own brook behind the house was as high as I’ve seen it since Hurricane Irene, though even that remained half the hurricane’s flood. I spent the day in Burlington, Vermont. The seagulls were out and perched on top of lampposts, their cries as gray as the sky. There was a flock of blackbirds or grackles, perhaps, that filled a distant tree like drops of ink, flew off, made designs in the sky, then returned to the tree.


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    • I’m not a birder and the birds were distant, so I looked it up. Based on how loosely they were flocking, one site offered up blackbirds or grackles. But I don’t know. :) If I lived in Burlington then I maybe I’d be more of a birder. Up by the lake, there are more of them and easier to see.


  1. I envy the interplay you achieved between the verse and prose. I’ve never been able to compose a haibun I’ve been happy with. Never seem to get that interplay right and usually just end up with a regular old haiku instead =)


  2. I envy the balance you achieved here between the verse and prose. I’ve never composed a haibun that I’ve been happy with. That balance is so elusive! They usually just end up being regular old haiku instead =)


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