April 4th 2019

  • I noticed yesterday that my last three haiku were all cut from the same cloth, three variations on an April evening. In the haiku of April 2nd, the moon originally rose in the crow’s eye, but that struck me as too much like April 1st, in which the moon was rising puddle to puddle. I changed rising/in the crow’s eye to shining/in the crow’s eye. I decided I liked the image of the moon shining in the crow’s eye more than rising since it somewhat anticipates the moon’s iciness. Normally I try to avoid this kind of repetition, trying to maintain variety from one haiku to the next, but having written three haiku on the theme of an April evening, now I think I’ll try continuing the cycle. Three in the night. Three in the morning and three during the day. A little cycle of twelve haiku for the first week of April.
     end of midnight to the other—the brook's melt-

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