February 6th 2019

····ping between day and night—the winter’s
Death Rattles Block Print (B&W)
Today was beautiful. Felt more like the end of March than the beginning of February. February, my favorite little month, is not usually so cold as January, brighter each day, but still cold enough for winter to revel in its wind-blown curiosities. The clouds were more like summer clouds, tall and billowing, and were beautiful at evening—shades of pink and purple that blended with the snow.
37: February 6th 2019 | bottlecap


4 responses

  1. still really enjoying the woodcuts, as much as the poetry :) A good coupling. As for warm days in Feb., unfortunately all I can think of is climate change..
    Btw, I have been noticing, and really enjoying the birches I see this Winter.


    • Well, I almost mentioned climate warming, but it was a beautiful day and I’ve gotten to thinking there’s absolutely nothing that I can do about climate change. Nothing. I vote every couple years and give to the NRDC, but that’s it. And knowing that I only have so many days to enjoy the world, I opt to enjoy it. I really don’t know what else to do. Glad you’re enjoying the block prints. :)


  2. actively enjoying the environment, and putting that in your art (as you do, with both prints and poetry) is a very powerful thing to do (at least I want to believe so). It is a counter-weight to the constant-motion-staying-on-the-surface virtual-world-culture we mostly find ourselves in. I think that paying attention and sharing what that brings is the (only) power we have. It is what I think I am doing in my own poetry.
    Carry on; I salute you!


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