January 10th 2019

····to the snow’s broken rhythm—a barn door’s
vermont snows
I took this picture on the way home. A storm blew through last night and left about 8 to 9 inches. The evergreen’s shoulders were stooped with the weight of the snow.
vermont snows-2
There was an old barn at the job I worked today. A snow-dusted guitar was hanging from a beam. There was one rusty string and the belly thumped against the post it hung from, the wind blowing through the nearby barn boards.
10: January 10th 2019 | bottlecap


4 responses

  1. I like the pictures too. I checked your weather in Burlington: A deep freeze with no end in sight, just three days of which would empty out the plumbing section of the Lowes where I live. But if you build and plumb for that kind of weather, not a problem I assume. What about cold starts? Are engine block heaters advisable?

    • Well… everybody should know how to build and plumb for this weather but many either don’t know better or can’t be bothered. That said, and having subcontracted with an energy company for the last few years, I’ve also learned that there’s more to it that many realize. Our friends just had an addition built and their water lines are already freezing. Sigh…

      Engines starting up are only a problem if batteries are old. If it goes below -30 F, then other problems crop up. 0 to -10 F at night is relatively normal this time of year.

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