Seeking Submissions: Birchsong

  • I was contacted by the editor of Birchsong and asked if I would pass along the following, which I am pleased to do. My hope is to interview the editor sometime after Labor Day.

BirchsonThe editors of the anthology Birchsong: Poetry Centered in Vermont, vol.I (2012) are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of a second volume in the spring of 2018. Poets living in Vermont and neighboring states (New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts) are invited to submit, by regular mail, one to three poems for consideration during the reading period, August 1 to October 31, 2017. Poems, no longer than 70 lines each, must be written after Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011, and sent to:

The Blueline Press
PO Box 706
East Dorset, Vermont, 05253.

Please email the address below for complete submission guidelines:

In his review of volume I, literary magazine Blueline’s former editor Anthony O. Tyler wrote: “Birchsong makes enjoyable, engaging reading. The collection of ninety-one poems by fifty-six poets maintains a consistently high level of quality….Nature plays a prominent role in the text as an agent of change, in relationships, in customs, in the land, and for its own beauty and power.” We hope your work will help make volume II every bit as engaging.

Submissions Guidelines
Birchsong, Poetry Centered in Vermont, vol. 2

The Editors of the anthology Birchsong, Poetry Centered in Vermont, vol. 1, published by The Blueline Press in 2012, are pleased to announce a second volume slated for publication by The Blueline Press in April 2018.

We’re looking for poems by poets living in Vermont or neighboring states (New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts) who are familiar with Vermont.

Reading period: August 1, 2017, through October 31, 2017.

Poems should be original and current, written since Tropical Storm Irene (August 2011). Previously published poems in the last six years will also be considered, with proper credit.

Submit 1 to 3 poems to The Blueline Press, P.O. Box 706, East Dorset, VT 05253, with a cover letter giving your name, address, email contact, phone number, and titles of poems submitted. A line count for each will be appreciated. Include a short bio if you wish. Do not put your name or email on the poems themselves.

Poems should be no more than 70 lines (2 pages). Spaces between stanzas will be counted. Layout is important. One very short poem might not work, but two, possibly three, by the same author would be considered if they fit on one page. Poets will be notified by email about the status of their work as soon as possible after the close of the reading period.

Retain copies of your work; poems will be returned only if a SASE is included in your submission.

Poets whose poems are accepted will be requested to submit a digital copy. You’ll receive a hard copy of the book in the spring of 2018. For questions about submissions or other matters, email Birchsong editors, If interested in purchasing a copy of Birchsong, vol. 1, send an inquiry to the email address above.

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