April 29th 2017

····in the evening’s rooftops—cafés lighting
This one could really be a summer’s haiku (perhaps if one is being particular about seasons & haiku). It’s a long week-end in Berlin, May Day, and the streets are packed. Everywhere you look there are families and teens pulling luggage behind them. The wheels rattle over the cobblestones.
The photo at bottom comes from the Savigny Platz, S-Bahn Platform. These intaglios have been part of the brick wall (the side of an apartment building) since I was a child.
The picture at right is of the crow I promised yesterday. Not a close-up but if you care to identify the kind of crow she is, then you click on the image, I think.
Much colder today. Though the leaves are out, everyone dresses as though it’s February. I returned to Schönhauser and had another pastry from the Baeckerei on the corner of Stargarder Straβe—all of it freshly baked every day and every day something different. I don’t know if it’s the best in Berlin, but if you think you’d like to visit the area, I recommend it (and could give better directions).
When Germans ask me what part of the states I’m from, I tell them I’m from Vermont and am greeted like a best friend. To a person, they’ve told me they love Bernie.
It’s evening in Berlin, I’m sitting outside at a café and my fingers are icy. There are bicyclists everywhere and children running up and down the sidewalk. Evenings in Berlin can be beautiful, even on a cold night. Everyone’s looking for a place to sit, to enjoy a beer, glass of wine or company.
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