April 27th 2017

····the no parking sign—the crow waits for me
········to move


Crows here too, but I think they’re hooded crows, having gray bodies and black wings and head and feet.
The picture below is around the street corner. I took other pictures today, having walked the length of Tiergarten and into former East Berlin. Unter den Linden was packed with tourists. There are now colorful storefronts, greenery and exuberance, but the oppressively bureaucratic buildings remain. They’ve been renovated, but not their brute indifference. I’m not sure if that part of East Berlin will ever feel as welcoming to me.
I’m told that other parts of East Berlin are nothing like this, more like West Berlin, and I plan to visit them.
The days continue to grow warmer though the nights remain chilly. I strolled along the Ku’damm tonight. There were many couples, old and young. Younger women gathered in groups of four and five as the cafés closed for the evening—black jackets and black tights, and the young men wearing black leather and jeans. Their phones lit the dark between them.
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