April 26th 2017

····flowering as if the garden were solely
Today I strolled and strolled. And I remember how deeply I love Berlin. I love that every building is a little different. One is never quite sure what sort of architectural opinion will be expressed around the corner. On Bleibtreu Strasse there is a kindergarten whose building is playful and inviting. Tomorrow I will attach a picture of it when my connection is better. There are buildings that are orderly and made with squares and rectangles. Next to them are flippant disagreements with rounded balconies, curves and disheveled windows. I’ve been to Paris and Paris is beautiful, but there’s something about Berlin’s endless novelties that pleases me more and that always makes me smile.
The apartment buildings in Berlin are normally only five or six stories and in the middle of most are courtyards. Some are merely cobblestone with bicycles, but others have beautiful gardens and there is a place that is famous for having something like a little village hidden away. Walk through a tiled street level hallway, sometimes wide enough for a car, and you might forget that you’re in a city. You stand in a garden courtyard with trees, flowers, and playground surrounded by windows and balconies on all four sides—beautiful little islands with chirping wrens and visiting ravens. I used to play in them as a child. The toy stores are just as a I remember them, filled with little armies of medieval soldiers, hung with colorful lanterns, animal faces and paper stars. The women are beautiful, coming and going with children, with sleek black coats and fine linen scarves.
Nothing though, is so vein as a Tulip. There is a row of them in the courtyard garden below my bedroom window. They must think this garden is a world and they are the most beautiful apparitions within it.
116 April 26th 2017 | bottlecap in Berlin

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    • Not a child of the military. My father was opposed to the Vietnam war. Berlin was where he ended up and where I was born. I am bilingual, but my German isn’t as fluent as my English.

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