April 25th 2017

····wrens—chattering as noisily as skate–
Flying over Newfoundland at sunset stuck with me. The earth seemed very small. We flew over glaciers, breaking ice flows, snow laden mountains and a landscape that was still gray, dark and cold with snow and a smattering of lights. The distance between Vermont and that landscape seemed suddenly small.
I had hoped to have pictures of Berlin, but my tablet can’t seem to connect reliably. The trees are surprisingly greener and leafier than the trees of Boston or Vermont. Look down some streets and you might think it’s mid summer rather than early spring. What I especially enjoy are all the children coming and going, riding bicycles, scooters and skateboards—which Berliners don’t seem to mind on sidewalks or before their storefronts. The children include Turkish, Russian, Spanish children all happy and too busy being children to be anything but playful and alive. I find Germany’s compassionate acceptance of immigrants, even at the risk of terrorism, a contrast to the fear and intolerance typifying America’s political discourse.
115 April 25th 2017 | bottlecap

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