April 22nd 2017

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With two of my daughters deeply interested in science and climate science, one studying marine biology on the coast of Maine, and being cognizant of the tremendous damage being done and ignorance being perpetuated by our current administration and the political party he leads, I donated to the NRDC today—the best I can do as others demonstrate in support of science and scientists.
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  1. In re “ignorance” re Jim Wright’s blog at Stonekettle.com about the ‘hubris of same’ and then scroll all the way down (you’ll have to punch a’ load more’ direction) to my comment at 4:40 AM April 21 offering a state-level comparison. Wright’s is long, mine less so. His is right on the money!

    • Interesting to read this post, and your response, having just picked up Listen, Liberal. Thomas Frank seems to make the opposite argument, writing that the Democratic Party sold its soul to the ivy league educated, “Wall Street”, corporate elites (giving Larry Summers as an example) and compares that to FDR, who staffed his cabinet with “amateurs” (don’t think he uses that word though) willing to try, fail and try again. To me, the divide isn’t between “experts” and “amateurs” but between ideology and close-minded orthodoxy on the one hand and inquisitive experimentation and evidence-based policy making on the other. What you see from the current administration and its respective party is ideology in the extreme. Beyond that, the amateur has hardly cornered the market on incompetence.

  2. Referring to your post of April 22nd, I absolutely agree. My daughter is a biologist working for SERC,
    the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and is deeply alarmed about the effects of climate change on the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the world. She marched in Washington with her fellow scientists on Saturday; I stood at the roundabout in Manchester, Vt. on the same day with about 20 others holding my sign “Give a Damn for Data” cribbed from my daughter. It’s imperative we do something to combat the mindset of this administration but what and how is the question.

    Alice Gilborn

    • Good for you, Alice. I know exactly where that roundabout is. Though I’ve generally kept politics off the blog, I’ve decided it’s more important to be clear about what I believe. Maybe that’s the best all of us can do?

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