March 23rd 2017

····in the girl’s gaze—snow on the closing days
········of March
I’ve read that sometimes the Japanese poets wrote haiku such that the sounds of the language echoed their subject. That’s rarely possible to translate, but maybe there’s a little of that in the haiku above.
82 March 23rd 2017 | bottlecap

5 responses

    • I just wrote you a whole absence-explaining page about Achilles tendon repair, four months of no weight-bearing, a skin infection three weeks into recovery and six months of wound care, and using that “gulag experience’ to address mining issues which are now operating at a fever pitch. I’m finally getting back to the sauna (tonight’s the night! recalling a punchline to a very old joke). I hit post comment and it all disappeared. No time to reproduce it. This is a desiccated version.

    • That’s cool. I probably didn’t need the hydrated version. :) I did something un-good to my Achilles tendon three years ago or so. It took about two years to get back to normal. Even now it’s easy to aggravate. Good to know you’re still kicking.

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