December 14th 2016

····the hilltop—stars adrift in a snowmobile’s
Second version:
····the next hill—stars in the windblown
Wasn’t much inspired last Sunday and the haiku reflected that. Returned to it today and may have breathed a little life into it—something of Shiki’s shasei—’sketching from life’? I stumbled across a web page called A Resource Page for Haiku Writers. I immediately clicked on the link Overused Words and Phrases. Of overused themes? This: “kite or moon caught in a tree”. My haiku of November 27th?
····in the icy branches—November’s
I know I’ve also expressed a similar idea with the moon, though maybe in an original way?
Lee Gurga mentions the word shadow as being overused—in both my November 16th and 23rd haiku. But maybe I’m still recovering from my yearlong effort. Gurga also mentions the word lonely.  I may have used the word in two or three haiku over the course of the year but, thinking about it, it was always a nod to Basho.
Come January, I may try to write another year’s worth or, more modestly, every Tues., Thurs., and Saturday. Three times a week.
12 December 14th 2016 | bottlecap

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    • Thanks so much for your note, Katy! :-) About this time of year I’m always thinking about Australia. Enjoy the next 5 days, cause we’re taking our sun back. Your days get shorter. Ours get longer. =)

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