September 28th 2016

····night—a wheelbarrow at the milky way’s
Thinking about this haiku the morning after writing it.
I had originally written—  under/the milky way—a wheelbarrow at the field’s/edge —but was dissatisfied. I sat with it until midnight. I wanted to capture something of the mystical beauty and loneliness of the wheelbarrow. To write that something is under the milky way is redundant since there’s nothing that isn’t under the milky way, but by that point I was exhausted.
A night’s sleep and what I couldn’t reach the night before was a simple solution, move the wheelbarrow to the  edge of the milky way and the field or yard is implied, but also the scale and “alone-ness” of the moment.
327 September 28th 2016 | bottlecap

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