August 26th 2016

····for the school bus—the boy, the girl,
········the crow
As if singed by too much sun, the wildflowers have begun to fade and shrivel. The fields have been tedded and the hay rolled up. The corn rows are tasseled and the rotund pumpkins sip on the vine.
294 August 26th 2016 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. Love this! the ironic equality. Your August 5 haiku also kinda startled me with an impression I had had but never verbalized. Crows seem to have a Poe-etic implication for us. I know the ones in my backyard 900 miles south of Vermont seem almost human to me sometimes, clever and world wise, and practical jokers too. I have the feeling if you and I ever become opiate addicts it will be “Quoth the crow nevermore.”

    • Crows are fantastically intelligent tool users. Anyone who watches them knows. They’re not like other birds at all–all instinct and fear. Crows contemplate. They sit on a branch and watch the world go by and they’ll comment on it. They’re always adjudicating and discriminating. Corvids.

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