July 19th 2016

Last night was my two hundred fiftieth haiku. I continue to edit it. I remember when I wrote my hundredth and two hundredth haiku. I wanted to write something extraordinary, but it never works that way. I’m the opposite of a clutch-hitter.
····little rain—as if the wildflowers might spark
Today was beautiful, warm with a cooling breeze, and I was sorry to see it go.
256 July 19th 2016 | bottlecap

2 responses

  1. INCREDIBLE! Not only is your output outstanding, but, in my opinion, they are in the top one percent of ALL haiku written. The question for me is: Do you have a book of your haiku in print, or is one in work?

    I gotta have it, so PLEASE write it!

    Ron Evans


    • Thank you so much, Ron. :-) As soon as I’ve written my 366th haiku, I’ll be putting them into book form. I may publish them myself or seek out a local publisher.

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